How to print your party stationery - oud

Getting an invitation template or printable game is the first step in having the most beautiful party stationery. But you haven't bought the file to just have a digital version of your invitation, game or decor.

You want to be able to feel the paper, to see it up close and to impress your guests!

Whether you want to print at home or you plan to order your prints at a local or online print shop, we have found some great suppliers of paper and printing services.


Our invitation templates and printable games and decorations are all designed with home printing in mind. With our detailed instruction guide, this will be an easy and fun DIY project that anyone can do!

For home printing, you will need the following items:

- a quality printer
- card stock
- a ruler
- an (X-acto) knife
- a cutting mat
- a paper trimmer (optional)
- scissors (optional)

We recommend to use card stock of at least 110 lb. Please make sure your printer will accept the weight of the paper.


If you feel like your printer is not up for the job of printing your party stationery, you can order your prints at a local or online print shop.

Many of these shops will let you send or upload your file to their site, select a paper stock and simply pick up the print-outs in 1-2 days.

If you are dealing with one of our editable templates, we highly recommend that you convert your final PDF to a JPG prior to submitting your file. This will ensure that none of the text gets changed or removed by accident during the file handling process.

Our detailed instruction guide with tips on how to convert your PDF template to a JPG file is included with every purchase.


Some of our products are available on Zazzle for printing. This way, you can order your party products and have them printed at the same time! Or you can upload your digital files at Prints of Love, an online print shop. Prints of Love cares about the environment and shows it by planting a tree for every order placed, which we love and support.

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