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The Navy Stripes collection almost didn't make it!

The Navy Stripes collection almost didn't make it

As the summer holidays are drawing to an end, I tend to look back on what I've been doing during the summer. I cherish the sunny days when I had sand between my toes and sunglasses on my nose. Driving around with my son in the backseat, windows down and together singing along with the songs blaring from the radio. Oh, how I love these days!


One of those days, I had the idea to start writing about the stories behind the designs I've been making for LittleSizzle. There are so many stories and I thought it'd be a waste that people only get to marvel over the designs without really knowing the story behind them. And what better way to kick this off than to blog about a summer collection!


The Navy Stripes collection

The Navy Stripes collection was the second collection I made. When we first started out in June 2017, it was almost summer and I wanted to make a classic summer themed collection to get us started. 


After designing the Geometric Pastels collection, I was craving to design an invitation that was chic and sophisticated. I was used to designing wedding stationery and really struggled to get in the flow of making cute designs that would be fitting for baby showers. That’s probably why the Navy Stripes collection would be perfect for a wedding or a bridal shower as well.


Nautical baby shower invites template dowload


If you look at other nautical themed baby shower items, you will most likely also see some red in it. I didn’t want to use red, because I figured that would make the design look harsh. Personally, I love navy and white. It’s such a chic combination. Not only for this collection, but also for clothing and home decor. So I decided to stick with that.


Although the colors by themselves will make you think of the sun, sea and sand already, I decided to add the anchor as an extra hint towards the nautical theme. And to make it more classic, I added a beautiful calligraphy font for some of the text.


Try out a sample baby shower invitation template for free


Usually, when I finish a design, I check with Willemijn to see what she thinks of it. If she doesn’t like it, then it probably will never end up being for sale. The funny thing is that she really did not like this design! She thought it was not appropriate for a baby shower because of the chic, sophisticated look. It was not cute enough or “baby showery" enough. I managed to convince her to just put it online and see if it sells. If not, we would take it down. And lo and behold! The Navy Stripes collection has become one of our bestselling collections EVER! I still can’t help myself to say “I told you so” every now and then ;)


Navy Baby Shower Nautical themed signs printable


More than a year later, we're still adding new items to the collection, mostly on request. At the time of writing, the collection consists of a stunning 43 products! If you have a great suggestion for a matching item, please let us know. We'd love to expand the collection even further, so that you can find all the things you need for your nautical baby shower in this one collection!


Check out the complete Navy Stripes collection here.


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