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How to organize a Baby Shower on a budget?

How to Organize a Budget Baby Shower?
So you’re being asked to organize a baby shower for your friend or family member? Whether you’re jumping up and down in anticipation to get started or rolling your eyes at the very thought, we all know that baby showers can cost you an arm and a leg if you’re not careful. That’s why we’ve come up with a couple of great tips ‘n tricks to organize a baby shower on a budget.

1. Location is everything

Of course it will be SO much more convenient to have a baby shower in a restaurant or a tea house (YAY for not having to do the dishes!), but it’s not the most economical move. The location can take a big bite out of your budget. To safe yourself some Benjamins, plan the baby shower at someone’s home or backyard. A baby shower barbecue is totally trending and if you’re planning a coed baby shower, the hubbies will thank you on their knees. And who doesn’t love a picnic in the park? When the sun is shining, it’s the perfect setting for some wonderful pictures, all without making it.. uhm.. rain.


Relaxed boho garden baby shower

Relaxed outdoor boho party by Inspired By This

2. Invite your guests in (affordable) style

Baby shower invitations can be quite costly. Especially if you want to include one or two inserts like a diaper raffle ticket or a book request card. There are two ways to take these expenses down a notch. Firstly, if your want to send your guests physical invitations that are still very affordable, you can decide to purchase printable invitations and print them out yourself. Secondly, if you think physical invitations are totally overrated, you can invite your guests by sending them an evite. The latter will even eliminate the postage costs -- cha-ching!


Little rabbit baby shower invitation bundle

Cute printable baby shower invitation set by LittleSizzle 

3. Jazz up the party

The most fun part of planning a baby shower is to go crazy on the decorations. If you don’t feel like breaking the bank, you can find lots of DIY ideas on Pinterest. Make a beautiful baby shower banner out of scrap paper, purchase affordable printable baby shower signs that match your theme or make your own centerpieces out of flowers and greenery from your backyard. Check out our Pinterest board to find more DIY ideas for your budget friendly baby shower. 

4. Up your game

Games are usually expected at baby showers and they can be a fun way to let your guests mingle and get to know each other. Just as with the invitations, you can be gentle on your budget by choosing for printable baby shower game cards. From Baby Bingo to Baby Wishes, from Late Night Diapers to Guess Mommy’s Belly Size, there are lots of affordable baby shower games available. The games are fun to play and pen and paper is all you’ll need.

How big is mommy's belly game for baby shower

Printable baby shower game How Big is Mommy's Belly by LittleSizzle  

5. Wine and Dine

To keep your guests from starving, you should serve food at the baby shower. But you could end up spending days in the kitchen to prevent going over budget. One way to stay sane is to ask your guests to bring food and drinks to the party themselves. This way, everybody contributes to a great baby shower and it safes you a lot of time and money.

Beautiful floral baby shower candy table decor

Beautiful baby shower candy table by Kara's Party Ideas

So with a little bit of effort, a baby shower on a budget is very doable and absolutely not inferior to a fancy high-end baby shower. What are your best practices for a budget baby shower?

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